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Thank You to the Forum - Givi Crash Bar installation

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After reading several of the installation posts on the Givi Crash Bars I was prepared. I had an M8x1.25 tap and die ready. I put all the Givi bolts in there new homes before installation. I had one fail on me. So I carefully tapped the troubled hole, and sent the bolt through the die. And Bob's your uncle. The rest was pretty straightforward. I do have a center stand, and I did set a bottle jack just to, under the engine. Easy peasy. Thanks for all the information. ps. Yes, one side at a time.
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Can you post pictures?
Long work day today. I will post pics tomorrow.
You can see how I jacked up the seat about 3/4 of an inch in the front. It is much more comfortable and doesn't push me to the tank anymore. I may do something about that gap, but probably not since it was a basically free mod.
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