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Tegtmeyer Suzuki is a minus

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On Tegtmeyer Suzuki about a visit I had last sunday to check out a used dl650.

Good points: Nice place, easy to find, great parking. OK/good selection of Suzuki bikes despite being limited to Suzuki & Polaris items. Great trailer selection sitting outside for viewing. Seemed willing to order from catalogs what they didn't have on the shelf/in-stock.

Bad points: no price tags on bikes or side-by-sides. Dealer policy is no test ride without first negotiating price (really? how am I gonna know it is all ok???) and no test rides unless ready to buy "today" (versus coming back with deposit money).
Also, while I was there, a customer looked at and bought a side-by-side and he was told it was new, but had been around a while on their floor so it was "as is". The customer bought it and the dealer proceeded to take the windshield off the vehicle, claiming it was an accessory that was put on there for display purposes only. (this conversation happened 10 feet from me, my wife, and the strom I was looking at, so I heard it all.) I do not know if the dealership "gave" him the windshield or how it ended, but to have an item "as is" and then strip something off it does not seem right at all.

I would suggest staying away from TegtMeyer Suzuki in Southwest Ohio. They don't seem to be upfront or honest when selling stuff.