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Here down under 2 strokes come out of the box running rich and you can understand why manufactures do it, most people just learn to live with it.

There is know doubt that NGK's are the most popular plug, I used them until that conversation and "I could get champions for free."

I've had a young boy coming down to Rolex on a Suzuki RM85 big wheel, he carries a back pack with a plug spanner and spare plugs with him all the time.

I have never met his dad and his dad pays a shop to do all his work, I suggested I put in one of my special plugs "no he uses a NGK racing plugs"

When he fouled his third and last plug one weekend I was given permission to put in my plug, that plug has never fouled and he no longer carries the back pack.

I have a KX100 that is set up right, I let the kid ride it, he has now convinced his dad to let me tune his bike properly next visit.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts