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Hi! New to the site, new to the bike. Hope someone can shed some light as I couldn't find a thread to address my question.

I'm nearing my 600m break-in on my new "04, and was wondering if a TB synch is the norm already. The dealer was less than sure, and it doesn't look like it's mentioned in the manual. Does anyone know for sure if it's necessary if the idle and performance seem fine? I AM noticing some of the "hic-cupping" reported by others, but I didn't see where that was a synch prob.

Also, I've never synched a TB set-up before. My other bike is an FZ1 (inline 4, carbed); are the same synchronizers and procedures used? I haven't ordered a service manual yet (but will) and would like a little head's up on this issue.

Thanks for any help. Great site, by the way!!!
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