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Don't know about the rest of you, but I have found the stock (and yes, it's LED) taillight on the 2018 V-Strom 1000 to be absolutely pathetic.
It's small, it's dim unless you're directly behind it, and it's pretty much hidden under the overhang of the stock luggage rack.
A friend was following me in his van one night, (so he sits up higher, like a pickup truck or 90% of the other vehicles on the road these days) and he said the bike was almost invisible in the dark.
So I bought two Custom Dynamics Trueflex LED strips (20-LEDs each, 3.35" long) and a pair of their dual converters.
I coerced my boss into removing the stock rear reflector, installing the Trueflex strips where the reflector used to be, and wiring them up to the factory running light and brake light harness.
End result; we have effectively doubled the taillight and brake light. It's now much larger, and the new section is down low and out in the open where following vehicles can actually see it.


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