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Tail lamp fuse burns out

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My 07 dl1000 has been blowing the tail lamp fuse. Seems to happen after a bigger bump which is common in Western Pa !! I did pull the tail section and checked wiring including connections to aux. brake lights in trunk, no obvious sings there ?? Noticed that the tail, brake light pulses when turn signal is on. Have had to replace fuse twice on last couple rides. The turn signals were not on when fuse has blown. Any ideas would great, :hmm:
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I guess I would say it's farther down the harness(es) possibly in the fuse box itself. There is an open ground somewhere, or possibly a diode in the blinker is bad, try replacing it.
The pulsing will most likely be a earth/ground problem, the globes are looking for a earth and they find it through another globe in the system causing the pulse.

Have a look at the globe socket in the tail lamp and check all earths.
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Some pulsing is normal, extreme pulsing is a problem.

Recently I had a string of tail lights themselves burning out. It turned out to be related to the front brake switch going bad. Place a fingertip on the bottom of that switch and squeeze the lever. If it gets hot, there's resistance somewhere - could be a bad ground, dirty sockets or connectors, an incipient short, or the switch itself. Mine hasn't blown since I replaced that switch.

Check the obvious areas first. If none of them show issues, I would gently manipulate the wiring harness where it sits against the frame to see if you can feel a hot spot or induce the issue.
Is there anything else that stops working with the fuse out ?

It would be unusual to have a fuse just for the tail lamp so there could be other loads on the system causing your issue.
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With that fuse out the dash, gauges and odometer all go out along with the tail, brake and turn signals. I will be checking all bulbs, sockets today. Will also check front brake switch, thanks for all the comments, ps the clock is on a seperate fuse ??
And the rear brake switch, even though it is plastic I had one fail and it shorted out through the pull spring.

As a test disconnect one brake light switch and ride the bike, if the fuse fails swap to the other switch and try again.

Do you use your horn ? that could be another point if it is on the same system.

You can do the same with the indicators, only use one side and use hand signals for the other.

It just a matter of elimination.

Also check your bike is charging properly, the magnets move and reduce the charge rate, the lower the voltage the higher the load will be, that load can be too much for a fuse if say the brake light, taillight and indicators are used at the same time.
Thanks guy's, I believe I have found the problem,after checking all the bulbs and sockets which were spotless and looked like new, I rechecked my aux. light wiring and found a crimp conn. that pulled apart. After making all connections soldered and putting all together, did a short ride 60miles hitting lots of bumps ! No blown fues. As far as the magnets go they were JB welded soon after I got the bike. The pulsing in the tail light is the same on my other K7. Which is for sale by the way:) seems like no one wants an 07 with 84,000 miles on it !!
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Thanx for sharing the cause of the tail light fuse saga.
I thing that when you advertise your K7, you should perhaps include a link to 437,000's still alive!, so the buyer can see what a higher mileage the Vee is capable of.

Suzuki electrical connectors suck balls. Every electrical connector needs to be cleaned then protected. Salt and dirt will short them out. Clen Unplug and plug like 5 times then leave insulating coating, heres one
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