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Hi folks:

I have symtec grips installed underneath my grip puppies. On the way into San Francisco this evening I switched my heated grips on only to find that nothing happened.

I have the grips hooked up to a Eastern Beaver switched circuit. The switch for the heated grips are on Richland Rick's accessory shelf. The only thing I can remember being different between the last time I fired them up successfully was riding through the abandoned railroad tunnels near Donner Lake California where I rode through some 1-2 foot puddles of water. Oh and I dropped the bike too :).

I plan to look at them tomorrow or Sunday but would like a game plan to follow to debug. My plan is as follows below, I'd love your thoughts.

  1. Verify that the heated grips when hooked up hot circuit work (i.e hok them up to the battery directly)
  2. Verify wire connections are present and in good shape
  3. ??

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Harbor Freight has a multi-tester on sale for $8. Another model is $12. Probably easier to use probes to check for current with that.

It's kind of unlikely that both grip heaters would fail at the same time, so the problem is likely upstream....
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