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Installed all that stuff last week .... a few quick thoughts.

1) Got the risers and the SS brake and clutch lines from Blair at SVRacing ... got the right parts the first time with good service, quick shipping ... what else do you want from a guy? My forks are raised a bit less than an inch and normal length replacement lines would not have accommodated the risers. The +2" lines fit perfectly, however. I also got the brake master cylinder bleeder - truly necessary, IMHO. Before, I could squeeze (with some effort) the front brake handle all the way to the bar; now it comes to a dead stop about halfway there. The risers are the up and back variety. I love these things. Completely. I'm just under 6', and these make the grips fall right where my hands want to be. I also stuck a bar-mounted cig lighter from TT on the bar mounting bolts, which required a longer bolt than comes supplied, but no big deal there.

2) I got the SW-Motech skid plate from TT ... thought long and hard about Narcosis's, but in the end it just came down to this: I already have the SWM crash bar and centerstand, and I'm the kind of idiot who likes complete sets. No other reason, honestly. The plate fits very well, however, and I dig how it looks. Appears to have pretty good protection from the front and bottom, a bit more open on the sides than some others, but I just can't seem to worry about that much. So far, it all appears strong enough for me ... it's not a motocross bash plate, though, and one would be wise to remember that. The install would have been easier if I had taken off the centerstand and had a different way of supporting the bike, but it wasn't terrible. The front kickstand bolt is tightned just a little past hand-tight, but it's loctited and seems secure enough. I'll keep checking it, though.

All in all, very happy with the new additions. Now, if I could just get some time to ride I'd be set. :thumbup:

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