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Today I added a set of hyper-lites to the Strom (yawn - - yeah this has been talked to death) However, I did something a little different. I added two SPST push button latching water proof switches so I can kill the tail/brake or just the brake.
Why you ask - well in my convoluted logic the hyper-lites are technically and legally not legal. Because my state required yearly inspections a cover and/or just turning off the lites with a push of the button would be convenient. The other reason - If I find myself is some jerkwater town with Barney Fife or Roscoe P Coletrain following me I can kill the flashing brake light from the saddle quickly. Or should I get pulled over I can kill the brake light for the LEO and perhaps talk my way out of a ticket.

I bought two switches from MCM Electronics (Multicomp Non-Illuminated Waterproof Push Button Switches - Nut Fixing | PPSW-553M (PPSW553M) | Multicomp) and used the EasternBeaver Version 1 brake and tailight adapter.

I had to put two 7/8" holes in the left side panel (used a 7/8 fostner bit so nice and clean) - see picture below

Below is the installed switches one latched and one open (I ran white and red wires to the switches and soldered one side to the red and white of the EB adapter white and red). Left plenty of slack in the wires behind the panel so it can be easily removed.

It all worked as expected and you would never know the switches were there if someone didn't point them out to you.

Hope someone finds this helpful.

Regards, Chuck
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