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Sweet Bicycle Rack for my WEE!!!!!

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Ok so I just bought my Wee last week, and I freaking love this thing. After coming from Busa, I spent the day out in the woods in state parks in western MA, I was drifting around corners and just having an amazing time!!! I love this bike and the versatility of it. I definitely couldn't do any of this stuff on my busa. I added givi trekker bags, suzuki heated grips, sukuzi hand guards, givi engine guards or crash bars, whatever they're called, center stand, And I just finished building a custom bike rack that I found on an older forum thread on here. This website ROCKS and it's so cool to be able to have a community of riders that are totally willing to help each other out.
I haven't made 20 posts on here yet but I need some more farkles (I hate that word by the way) I need a skid plate and madstad windscreen mount and possibly a windscreen. If anyone has any extras I am definitely interested.

So I was out riding yesterday and I got some speed wobbles around 55-60mph when I would hit small bumps. I think it might be because of the bicycle rack and the weight in the rear with stuff in my givi bags. My bicycle only weighs 15 lbs. I think the piece of oak I used to build the rack weighs more hahahaha. Anyways I hope this isn't a huge problem. The steering dampeners are super expensive and I'm a broke student.
Anyways, cheers to everyone

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I don't know why my pictures didn't show up in the thread but if you right click the little icons at the end you can open the images in a new window. I'm still getting use to this whole forum thing.
Can't see the thumbnails nor big pics after clicking... :confused:
Did you know there was a Stormtrooper hitching a ride on your seatpost??
Anyway, I would think you've added just enough to the rear to unweight the frontend on even the smallest of bumps. Could try overloading a tankbag to put your CG back towards the front. Could also lighten up the Scott with carbon rims and some lighter pedals... saddle... etc. :cool:
You've discovered why putting weight far from the center of gravity of the bike is such a bad idea. You also have an aerodynamic drag that makes the problem worse. All the extra weight and the sail you are carrying is probably entirely behind the rear axle and above the seat. Stop doing that before the tail wags the dog. Think about rigging a trailer if you must add something.
I've seen someone else with this setup but had it further fwd over the passenger area. I don't recall where exactly, but it was on this forum.

I was afraid of this. I may try moving the whole system forward like I originally had it. It sticks out so far cause I wanted to have room for a lady friend when not towing my bike around. One of my fabricator friends is gonna help me link up a trailer so I will eventually get rid of the top system, this is just to get around to races and group rides in the mean time. thanks for the feedback Greywolf!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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