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SW-Motech PRO City Tank Bag on Gen 2 dl

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I'm looking at the SW-Motech Pro City Tank Bag and am wondering if anyone here has used it on their 2012-2016 V-Strom?

On the SW-Motech site they say that the Pro City has not been tested on the 2nd gen V-Stroms but it "looks" like it should fit to me.

The SW-Motech option is the Pro Trial Tank Bag (which they say does fit) - but it's a couple litres bigger than the City bag - which I'm already thinking is on the large side.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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I do not have experience with the SW Motech pro series of bags but I've used their City bag (previous model - very similar shape) on my 2012 DL 650 for many years and the fit is perfect. It's been useful for daily commutes and 2000 mile adventures. Quite durable, it's now lives part time on a BMW F850.
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