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DL1050 XT 2021
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I'm looking for mirror extenders, and one option is SW-Motech (the other being maybe Rick's, other suggestions are welcome). The official website shows SVL.00.505.10500/B as the compatible part for the base DL1050, but none for DL1050 XT.
RevZilla and FortNine list SVL.00.505.101 as the compatible part for both 1050 models, but I'm not sure (the stem looks too short, see pics bellow)
All I can tell from pictures is that the 10500/B has a longer bolt and spacer, which might be required to clear the right handlebar windguard.
The "Suzuki genuine" extenders look like SW-Motech 10500/B
Can anyone who has installed these on successfully on a DL1050 XT please tell me which part fits?
@Civo can you help?
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