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Since I have a mind like an iron sieve I don't remember who I got these Motech Risers from or which forum it was from. Coulda been F800, G650 or here.
Anyway, I got some bar risers/bar backs that SW Motech lists for a BMW GSA. With the risers came another riser set with no markings on it.
I just tried them out on my spare Wee Strom and the riser only works fine, no need to adjust brake lines or anything else. It's a 1 inch riser.
The BMW riser says H 32mm, Back 25mm. It didn't seem to affect the cabling either.
I think I paid 37 bucks or so to the sender. Gotta cool scrunchable safari hat he used as packing too.
SW Motech listed these for 124 Euros. LEH 07 00 039 Numbers on the part are really small and hard to read.
These might make working the bike in the loose stuff standing on the pegs a bit easier.
Anyhoo, I thought I'd mention the function of these. They weren't listed for the DL1000 or 650 but they seem work anyway.:wink2:
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