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Please check out my ''You Tube'' review of the Suzuki V Strom 650

It is a 2012 built Glee and 2013 registered machine. I used to have the ''old'' V Strom 650 (a 2008 GT model), owned it for 3 years and what a super bike it was. Decided to part ex my 2008 model for the 2012 model.

I was stuck - do I go back to Triumph (I have owned 2 Hinckley Bonnevilles) ? I love Triumphs, but the Tiger 800 was the machine I was thinking about - then I thought a 2013 registered Triumph Tiger with a few extras is going to be £1,000 MORE than a 2013 V Strom 650 - no contest then. I part exed my 2008 V Strom for a Fox Orange metallic ''Glee'' as they've become known.

So glad I did.

Well, what a revelation Suzuki have done a great job improving a good all rounder and making it even better IMHO.

Based on the South coast of the UK. I manage to do 100% on road riding BUT because our Government spends too little on road maintenance, we might as well be riding off road - potholes, poor surfaces etc. The roads are almost African rutted tracks on the B and C roads. Lots of loose gravel and those potholes all mean you have to have a bike that can take the rough stuff. The V Strom can do it, so take a look....

If you view it leave me a nice comment :)

Safe riding

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