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Last year in March the German motorcycle magazine Motorrad concluded its 50.000km test of the 2014 DL1000.
The few pages translated are free on the web at Suzuki V-Strom 1000 Dauertest 50.000 Kilometer - Motorrad-Dauertests |

Most might get a grin reading it but it might also help newcomers make a purchase decision.

Suzuki V-Strom 1000 Endurance Test

Secretly and quietly the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 has unwound the 50,000-kilometer-long-term test. In the shortest possible time without a hitch. Does the judgment still exist after disassembling?

"What, already finished?" More than a few members of the editorial team were standing at the end of the evening, looking for a motorbike to ride home. And it lacked that of the Suzuki V-Strom 1000.

Big eyes, incredulous amazement. In just one and a half years the Suzi had unwound her 50,000 kilometers. And this always with subtle restraint. If in the morning conference the reports of the long-term candidates were reported, who once again troubled starting difficulties or who lost what part, many names fell. But never that of the Suzuki V-Strom 1000. It just reeled off kilometers. Was it just a short weekend tour or a 1000 kilometers ride, the same question always fell: "Is the V-Strom available?" With all this we almost missed the interim report. It took place pretty late at 43,500 kilometer late. Because the V-Strom simply worked. And if something does its job simple and inconspicuously reliably, it quickly moves out of sight. Although it did not only get praise at its service in May 2014.

Tire recommendation for the Suzuki V-1000

After the first contact, technology guru Minikoch found little pleasure in the fork adjustment. And also the first ripening Bridgestone Battle Wing 501/502 did not get away well. Although stable, stable, but unwieldy, little feedback and wet grip, so the conclusion. In the course of the tire recommendation, it quickly became apparent that the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 would thank virtually every pair of tires other than the antiquated bridgestones with more precise, light-footed driving characteristics. A clear recommendation was given to the Pirelli Scorpion Trail II.

On the whole, this was also the functional criticism. The remaining critical remarks were more concerned with aesthetic or emotional aspects. Things which were also mentioned in the reader's letters. So no one, who had bought the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 because of their design, was rather defiant. The appearance was by the way 2004 at the duration of the Ur-V-stream object of criticism. Doubts, the V-Strom could usually convince on a test ride of its inner values. And they were also editor-in-chief. It took just four months, then the 12,000 inspection was already due. The only unplanned incident: The headlamp had to be exchanged because of a smudged plug-in connection, which had caused a turbidity of the glass. Apparently, a single case, as the reader's letters showed.
Accessories for the Suzuki V-Strom 1000

As a standard feature, the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 was equipped with heated handles and a wide-ranging aluminum case by Hepco and Becker, as well as a main stand from the in-house accessory range. Whilst the weight considerably increased to almost 200 kilograms, the long-stretchability as well. So it was also shortly afterwards on autumn exit. And again and again in the travel book: delightful comments on the powerful V2, the reliability, the unencumbered behavior. Even with full suitcases the Suzuki still runs neatly straight. And even if the windshield of the adjustable windscreen gives strong riders great turbulence, it still protects from driving winds. And that is why she was also very much cared for over the winter months, she collected a lot of kilometers and rolled into the workshop almost seven months later to the 24,000 inspection.

The fell with around 800 euros quite steep, which included also the mature chain set, the Suzuki with about 300 euros material costs princely remuneration. But even individual items such as spark plugs at 40 euros per piece ensure high-quality eyebrows.
Mini takes care of the fork of the Suzi

After all, there was complete peace, no special occurrences, nothing disrupted the crew until the next inspection, which was not due again four months later and the cracking steering head bearing was followed. Shortly before, Mini Koch had once again taken the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 at kilometer 30,000 under his wing. The repeatedly criticized fork left him no rest.

During a change of fork oil he conveyed a peculiar sticky mass, of which no one really knew what it was. At the final meeting, Suzuki took a sample for an analysis with Heppenheim. However, a result is still pending. In any event, the fork, with fresh 7.5-liter oil, set acceptable damping properties. They were also promptly acknowledged with positive comments in the driver's book.
Even with loading proper stability

At all, the delightful comments on the Suzuki V-Strom 1000's long-running comfort were enough. Author Ralf Schneider praised the tires - even with adequate tires - even with proper load stability. And there was always praise for the powerful V2. There was also occasionally a malking entry to the light output in the book. Low beam too low, high beam too high, was the justified criticism. According to Suzuki press office Gerald Steinmann there is no complaints from the buyer.

And also the consumption was repeatedly complained. 6.5 liters of the Suzuki V-1000 consumed in 2004, the 6.4 liters consumption of the current model is no advance. Especially in connection with the narrow 20-liter tank the range is limited to about 300 kilometers. And researched the highway, the Suzi chased already eight and a half liters through the injection nozzles. The reader writes more of consumption by five liters report.
Third best points!

The bottom line was the satisfaction of their riders. Flott, kommodive and reliable, she could, the Suzuki V-Strom 1000. Only to take the driver and viewer emotionally captive, rather not. So is the stop with good workhorses. There is no applause for the little exciting optics. The fact that everyday life was free from excitement, on the other hand very well. Stop, stop, towards the end there are still two entries in the travel book. Thus the author had to defrost after a tiringly cold night ignition lock and turn signal switch, and testcheck Gert Thöle noted: "Miserables gear, whether that holds?".

Should the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 on the finish line still stumble and a defect announce itself? Especially as the final gear to the test stand with 100 hp promoted three horses less than in the beginning. Were there finally dark shadows over the almost exemplary presentation of the journey enduro?

Gerry Wagner, the workshop manager, swung the wrench, which would probably come to light: Top or at the end a small flop? When the engine's innards were on the workbench, it was quickly clear that the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 was faultless. Apart from the normal running lanes for this running performance, there are no abnormalities. This is also confirmed by the measurement of the components. Only one inlet and two outlet valves show low burn marks. And the rotor of the oil pump had carried away some chips from a chip.

Otherwise: only slight running on pistons, cylinders and camshafts. The gearshift forks perfectly in order, as well as the transmission. And the clutch carries only small chatter marks. The frames and bearings of the swingarm, the deflection and the wheels were still fit, which speaks for the quality of Suzi. An excellent testimony, therefore, for the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 and its sympathetic V2. Not only strong, reliable and comfortable but also robust. Which earned her the third best points of the best. With a little lower consumption, it might even have been quite forward. But also such an excellent result, which is reflected in the many absolutely satisfied readers' letters. And as far as design and emotions are concerned, let's be dreaming: Perhaps Suzuki will use the revision as part of the Euro 4 adaptation for a little fresh cellar. A few technical features more, a slightly slimmer, more off-road appearance. And the whole thing coupled with their hand-made qualities, that would be what?
Wear balance

Cylinderhead: Two exhaust valves and one intake valve of the front cylinder are slightly leaky, the compression has somewhat decreased. The valve guides and shafts are in very good condition, as are the camshafts and bearings. The exhaust valve seats and valves have low burn marks.
Cylinders / pistons: The cylinders as well as the pistons have hardly any wear marks, as are the piston rings.
Crankshaft drive: The crankshaft and crankshaft main bearings do not show any irregularities, the bearings are in order. Piston pins and connecting rod eyes are also in good condition.
Power transmission: The gear wheels and shafts as well as the shift mechanism show hardly any wear marks. The friction and steel disks of the coupling are also in order.
Frame / chassis: The coating of the frame and the swingarm as well as the lacquer make overall a good impression, as well as the remaining processing of the motorcycle. Swing, steering head and wheel bearings are free from play.

Cost and maintenance

Operating costs to 50,000 kilometers

15 liters of oil à 11.10 euros: 166.50 euros
3 oil filters à 12,95 Euro: 38,85 Euro
1 air filter à 33,95 Euro: 33,95 Euro
6 spark plugs of 39,95 Euro: 239,70 Euro
1 set of rear brake pads à 31,95 Euro: 31,95 Euro
4 sets of brake pads at the front of 43,30 Euro: 173,20 Euro
1 chain set: 297.85 euros
Brake Fluid: 6,97 Euro
Small parts, lubricants: 17,00 Euro
Seals: 9,20 Euro
Inspections and repairs: 1372,14 Euro
Tires (including assembly, balancing and disposal): 1116,00 Euro
Fuel: € 4675.05
Total cost: 8178.36 euros
Cost of purchase: 12290,00 Euro
Value loss: 5590,00 Euro
Estimated price (Retailer price): 6700,00 Euro
Cost per kilometer (without loss of value): 16.4 cents
Cost per kilometer (with loss of value): 27.5 cents

Maintenance and repairs at km stand

Plug connection Lamp holder and headlight glass
Renewed (guarantee); 2400km
Tires front and rear renewed, Bridgestone T 30: 9323km
Tires front and rear renewed, Metzeler Tourance Next: 16 735km
Brake pads front renewed: 17 750km
Accessories heating handles (Oxford) mounted: 19 246km
Brake pads rear as well as chain kit renewed: 25 160km
Fuse board faulty: 31 508km
Tires front and rear renewed, Bridgestone A 40,
Topcase holder two screws torn: 32 482km
Steering head bearings adjusted: 37 870km
Holder of the high pressure line as well as high pressure line
Exchanged (guarantee): 43 705km
Tire front and rear renewed, Pirelli Scorpion Trail II: 43 921km
Brake pads front renewed: 44 127 km

Suzuki takes a position

... to the uncomfortable fork adjustment and the tough liquid in the fork.
We have passed the obtained oil sample. The matter is analyzed by Suzuki and Kayaba. However, we have not yet received any feedback.

... to the somewhat sunken power and the leaking valves at the test.
The performance at the end of the endurance test was still above the specification in the papers. The inlet valves can be re-used without any problem after cleaning. The wear pattern of the exhaust valves is not excessive and corresponds to the running performance with fast pace. However, we would recommend the precautionary replacement of the exhaust valves as these are easily incorporated in the seat.

... to a little harmonic first ripening.
We disagree. The Bridgestone Battlewing with the special specification "J" were developed in extensive tests for a balanced driving behavior especially for the DL 1000. They offer a wide range of applications, with the main focus being on neutral steering and high-speed stability. ABS and traction control have been designed to provide the best possible performance and driving safety with this tire.

... to the starting headlamp and the light output often criticized in the test.
This is not known to us in this form from the market so far and has not yet been brought to us by our customers within the scope of the quality surveys carried out. We would therefore like to examine the headlights of the long-life motorcycle.

... to the slight grooves on cylinders and oil pumprotor.
Cylinders and pistons showed only safe running marks. According to the MOTORRAD measurement, the oil pressure was absolutely in the green range. The oil pump as well as the cylinder and piston can therefore be reused without hesitation.

... at the relatively high prices of original accessories.
The two costly accessories are in our opinion only the auxiliary headlights and the topcase. For these articles, we are working on a price adjustment. All other articles are in the price segment of the DL 650 accessory program and are set up on the market. In the case of the side boxes, it must be borne in mind that these are supplied with luggage carriers and therefore no additional costs are incurred. In addition, the Suzuki sidecases favor the driving characteristics due to their low build-up width. In other systems, it is often the case that unloading luggage carriers are used, which can significantly increase the width of the vehicle and impair the driving stability.

performance readings (pic)

Measurement according to 2678 km 50000 km

0-100 km / h 3.4 sec 3.6 sec
0-140 km / h 6.3 sec 6.8 sec
0-180 km / h 11.9 sec 12.6 sec

(5th gear)
60-100 km / h 4,2 sec 4,3 sec
100-140 km / h 3.9 sec 4,2 sec
140-180 km / h 5.5 sec 6.6 sec

Average consumption over 50000 km
Fuel l / 100 km 6.5
Fuel l / 100 km 0.07

Like all other endurance candidates, the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 also passed the test procedure, measuring the driving performance and sealed engine. Shortly after the originally black-shrouded machine blushed. Suzuki dresses the V-stream with beautiful red-painted parts, which fit her excellent. The slightly weaker driving performance is likely to result from the minimum lower power to the end of the end. The consequence of the valves, which are no longer fully tight, on the front cylinder. However, since all wear and tear dimensions are far within the tolerance range and virtually no oil consumption was measurable, this is absolutely within the scope.

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Great report, thanks for sharing that. Clearly the V2 is robust and reliable, which most of us already know. More interesting was that with all the bikes they can ride, the Strom was in such constant demand. These are just great bikes.

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I expect Wera688 would laugh at a 50,000 km endurance test! Considering his engine has about 681,000 kilometers on it and was never taken apart for major repair or inspection.
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