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Back in 1997 I bought a new TL 1000. What a beast! But 80% of all the 1997 TL's had bad engines, A little better in 1998 as they started to detune them, and detuned them every year,,

Well, long story made short, I tossed the connecting rods at 6000 miles. Suzuki would not admit fault, although I tried to sue and everything else. Suzuki ended up paying for the parts and I paid for the labor.

Then the SV 1000 came out in 2002. I spoke with the customer service rep [recently? In 2002?] I'd dealt with previously and asked "What the hell why is Suzuki producing this crap?"

His claim is that Suzuki had spent so much money making the 1000 engine and if they did not have to answer to the EPA the engine would be better, smoother, then any twin in production. [Of course, every other manufacturer must also meet EPA and European emissions requirements.]

Mr. Deep Throat opined that Suzuki has not given up on the 1000 Vee: it's just in for a big make over.

Suzuki is not just going to be sitting on the DR 650 with everyone buying
Yamaha S10's, Triumph 800s , BMW, etc.

He did not give me a year, but i guess its 2013
I did my best to translate your post into English. HTH.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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