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How about this: I walk into a Suzuki dealer this morning (Broward Motorsports-Ft. Lauderdale location) and ask for an estimate on getting some work done. Service guy asks me for the model. I tell him DL1000, Vstrom. He says, what brand is that?

Aside from having probably the worst after-sale customer service and parts availability, you may now have the most clueless service departments.

I've despised that place for years. The salesholes act like they're doing you a favor to talk to you, the service department is totally incompetent, and their prices are beyond uncompetitive.

Go to Riva and ask for Bruno. He's a service writer and a really good guy. The mechanic who works on Suzukis is Onac, and he is GOOD. Their prices are fair and they do it right the first time. If you take the phone survey after your service, they'll send you a 20% off coupon for next time too.
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