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Suspension upgrades for off pavement riding.

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Hey everyone. To those of you that have done suspension upgrades to make the bike more enjoyable off pavement, can you share what you did and how much improvement it resulted in? (Trying to gage how much potential a Wee has off pavement, to be brought on par with a stock KLR or T7 on mild terrain)
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Might help to better define "mild terrain." V-Stroms can be pretty fast on fire roads and two-track roads even stock, but weight is a hard thing to overcome on uneven terrains like moguls and choppy turns.
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Might be beneficial to know what generation Strom you are considering updating. Some of the items are different and others unavailable for some generations.
I need to raise my front fender and will have to fabricate the brackets for my 2007 650. Other than that, and tires, most of the stock components make it it a hoot on forestry roads.
It's big and heavy, yes. I ride alone a lot, and found out the hard way that when dropped down an embankment I can't pick it up.
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I do A bit of off road on my 19Wee and she has bone stock suspension. I don’t race off road but I do like to have some fun off road. I ride mine with the dirt bikes sometimes take me a little longer than them but I’ve got 300 pounds on them I expect to be slower. you would want to drastically improve the ground clearance if you want to get into anything hard and going fast otherwise I think you would just trash the bike and have to haul it out of the woods. They are great bikes but in my opinion not built for the real hard off road even after you put thousands into it. Sure they will do it but not nearly as fast as the T7 you mentioned if you do your going to be more wore out than the guy on the T7.
just my opinion after riding with both bikes you mentioned.
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