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I can understand that.

I ride alone most of the time, but that is usually because I am
the only person going from where I am to where I want to be.

If you ever make an exception, I can tell you that V-Tom is a most pleasant
person to ride with. As he knows Southern Ontario better than I do, he was in front, and sometimes it was a challenge to keep him in sight, but he helped with that problem. When he ran out of breadcrumbs to drop, he slowed down.

And the spring ride from Barrie up to Port Carling and Windermere is a special treat that I have ridden from Florida to participate in, twice. If you want to see a really wide variety of windshield treatments, show up and have a look. It seems that everyone except me chooses to modify the windshield or its support in some fashion. I find this amusing, because I have set the windshield high for a ride to Vancouver and low for a ride to St. John's and I never noticed a difference.

But do what maximizes the chance you will enjoy your ride.
After all, that is why you bought such a fine motorcycle.
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