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So far this summer, I've put about 6000 miles on the Wee, including trips to Tellico Plains, TN to ahhh... scout out the Stromtrooper rally, 8 days in Wisconsin for the international BMW rally & to wander around the state for awhile, and just got back yesterday from northern PA for a little more riding and camping.

Mechanical issues; zero. Problems; a crow into the CalSci windscreen at 70mph-broke the bottom of the screen, cracked the plastic headlight cover (not the headlight), bent the Madstadt mount slightly and scratched up the fairing a bit. Damn Crow!

Finally got the Electrosport stator on, so powering the Hella fogs, the heated grips and the GPS all at one time isn't a problem.

Revelations; fully loaded, it needs a fork brace!!! The Metzler Tourance tires are simply the best I've ever had on any bike, whether corning hard or in pouring down rain. I droped the bike once while going about 3mph while fully loaded trying to turn tightly and the Pat Walsh "crash" bars got just a little scratched-nothing else.

Does a bike get any better than this? Hard to imagine...
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