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***Shamelessly copied from another forum***

My annual summer safety request
You guys are a smart bunch, but I share the same advice every year. Maybe it will help one of us. If it saves just one kid...

Sergeant joppaj's summer pontification...

If you're traveling with others, ESPECIALLY children or elderly folks, and especially in either a big crowd or in the wilderness, TAKE A DIGITAL PICTURE OF THEM BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE PARKING LOT. If you've never been in a crowd like the 4th of July fireworks, it only takes seconds to lose someone. Showing the police a picture of them taken that day gives me a WAY better lookout than you trying to remember what your kid was wearing that morning while you're panicking. Same concept in the wilderness or campground, a picture at the trailhead is an accurate lookout later.

Despite what some of you may feel about police in general, telling a young child to approach a cop if the child is lost is still good advice. I have been there as a mother ran up to me sobbing and her description turned out to be wrong about everything except name and gender. She was afraid, fine details get lost in fear. An iphone pic though... That's a good lookout.

Pontificating over.
As SFC Dave MP, I will second Joppaj's advise. My Soldiers often work large (and small) events. This advise is VERY helpful when trying to locate anyone.
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