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Just a quick "thanks" for all the helpful folks on this forum. I changed out my handlebars tonight and added adjustable risers, which went together without a hitch, thanks to the info available here. I searched the forums for other owners' experiences and found an answer to every question I had. I have often found that most questions have already been answered several times, saving me the trouble of posting the question yet again.

On the topic of which bars to select, the information available here was almost overwhelming. I ultimately went with a set of MSR ATV Low handlebars and a pair of fully adjustable Rox risers. This turned out to be a perfect setup for me. I'm 5'10" and ride with a Suzuki gel seat. The handlebar/riser combo gives me just enough up and back adjustment, as well as less sweep, to make the bike as close to ergonomically perfect for me as possible. Plus, all of the cables and hoses worked perfectly without modification.

The whole operation was pretty straight forward and without any big surprises. The best tips I picked up here were: how to remove the bar-end weights; the use of WD-40 to loosen the left grip and hairspray to re-install it (worked like a charm); electrical tape wrapped around the new bar, under the electronics controls (since I had to cut off the locating pins); and the tightening sequence for the Rox risers. Those tidbits were just about priceless.

Anyway, thanks again. Love being a Stromtrooper.
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