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Stupid Question Re Stock vs Lowering Links

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I was told by the prior owner that the bike I bought had been lowered, but I'm beginning to believe that the opposite is in fact true. The bike is on a centerstand, but when fully up on the stand, both tires are still touching the ground, and I'm pretty sure that what I bought off of a fellow trooper here as stock links seem to be longer than the links currently on the bike.

So, the question here would be: how can I confirm that this is in fact raised, and more importantly, if the rear was raised, AND the front fork was lowered, does that have a negative effect on handling? As in: 1" up in the rear (if it in fact is raised, as I'm fearing), 3/4" lowered on the fork... does that create super squirrelly handling?

Thanks... I wouldn't actually mind it being lower than it is, I just figured that the links on there were actually lowering links. From what I'm seeing, if the links are shorter, you are raising the bike?
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If you went from a sport bike to the strom, it will feel a little squarly in the corners comparitively. For instance, my with has a Gladius that feels to me like it is on rails in the corners compaired to my wee. For the most part, these are very simular bikes. Same motor, pretty much the same drive train. however, the front forks on the Gladius are much shorter than those of the wee. The forks on the wee are much more likely to flex when traveling down the road than that of sport bikes. A fork brace will help firm up the front forks and make the dampining work as apposed to the forks just flexing. This will give the front end a firmer feel as far as handling goes. All so, the wee has a larger fron tire than sport bikes. I have ridden a Versys that has the 17" front and it feels firmer in the corners, and no, it doesnt have a fork brace currently. Good luck.
I had the oppisite feeling on mty wifes bike. It site a lot lower and felt like I was going to grind my knee off in the corners when I pushed it a little bit. Some of what you are feeling might just be that you are not used to the heigth of the wee. Enjoy the bike and let the feel come to you before you go to changing a bunck of stuff. That way, when you domake a change, you know if you went the right way for you.
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