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Stupid Question Re Stock vs Lowering Links

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I was told by the prior owner that the bike I bought had been lowered, but I'm beginning to believe that the opposite is in fact true. The bike is on a centerstand, but when fully up on the stand, both tires are still touching the ground, and I'm pretty sure that what I bought off of a fellow trooper here as stock links seem to be longer than the links currently on the bike.

So, the question here would be: how can I confirm that this is in fact raised, and more importantly, if the rear was raised, AND the front fork was lowered, does that have a negative effect on handling? As in: 1" up in the rear (if it in fact is raised, as I'm fearing), 3/4" lowered on the fork... does that create super squirrelly handling?

Thanks... I wouldn't actually mind it being lower than it is, I just figured that the links on there were actually lowering links. From what I'm seeing, if the links are shorter, you are raising the bike?
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The stock links are 140mm on hole center. Longer links lower the bike and shorter ones raise it about 2.8mm for each 1mm of link difference. Having the front forks 10-15mm lower than the stock relationship is often reported as a beneficial setup. It makes the geometry quicker but decreases the aerodynamic angle of attack so the front end is less likely to want to fly.
Changes is geometry get into the area of personal preference. Try it and see is the usual advice.
Compare the adjusted position to the stock position, not to other bikes. The Strom is no sports bike though it handles surprisingly well for such a tall critter when well set up.
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