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It's late, riding season has started, my current studded front tire would be its 4th season (over 15k miles on it already) and it doesn't have the bite it did when new

the tire I have is a Karoo T, I drilled holes and inserted 11mm automotive studs with a pneumatic gun, thensame way you would stud a car tire except that I had to drill the pockets rather than start with a tire that has the stud pockets molded in.

It worked well, but I personally have nothing to compare to, I was considering using Aerostich self taping studs this time and probably in a Karoo MCE rather than the T

If I use Aerostich studs, what size,

pros, cons, going with the self taping studs is a LOT more money but slightly more convenient (I think, that may be imagined too)

how well do Aerostich studs hold up, by the drilling & shooting method, I haven't lost a single stud in front, several on the rear tire though, rear tire wore out in one season, 5000 miles

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts