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I just moved to Munich from the UK. Am planning to go home soon a buy a DL1000 to ride back and tour around here on.
I'll be buying it 'blind' and having my dad fit the panniers and stuff as I'll only be in the UK for a day.
Butttttttt...I've never really had a test ride on one so I can't say for sure it's the bike for me.

Have just been to Suzuki dealer and seems there is no 2008 DL1000 in Germany and hence no dealer test rides..... can I buy a bike blind that I've not ridden? or should I just spend a small fortune on a GS1200 (I've ridden one and have no particular complaints other than the cost and bits breaking)

Please get in touch even if only to say hi - would be cool to meet some people to explore the countryside a bit with when I do get a bike over here.

Thanks Oliver
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