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Strom Sighting Near Ashokan Reservoir...

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Don't know if it was someone on here, but if so... much respect for this:

I was near Olivebridge, just south of the Ashokan Reservoir in the catskills today, and saw a Strom coming up the road... instead of the regular two finger salute, I gave a more enthusiastic wave, and whoever it was looked over grinning, and put both arms up (while moving) in a "touchdown" wave. It cracked me up for a good part of the way home.

If it was anyone on here, bless you :) Either way around, it in part made me think that I'm happy that the new bike won't look TOO different, so we can all still recognize the other inmates of this particular asylum... all of us finding appeal in a bike that was lovingly described in one review as being "as ugly as a drunken bar fight" (though I don't agree with the assessment, it's an awesome quote.)