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Picked up my wee on Wednesday night.:thumbup: She came from a good home and had been treated right. Well taken care of, with lots of nice farkles and not very many miles on the clock. A friend from the city just picked up his new Tiger triple so he and I met and headed down Mines Road south of Livermore.

Grabbed burgers at The Junction and talked motos with the other lost souls who seem to always be there, then on through the twisties to the top of Mt. Hamilton for a stop at Lick Observatory. Enjoyed the scenery, caught our collective breath(s), and checked ye olde iPad to find the way to San Jose.

Then down the mountain dodging many ground squirrels, 1 coyote and the inevitable SUV going the wrong way in MY LANE!:furious:. Then home through Friday afternoon Bay Area traffic.

My daughter has decided my new steed's name is "Mendoza" which seems fine to me. I am sure we will have many more fine adventures together.

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