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I am not sure could go either way

I am on the hooks, We had a great time on the VT Strom Adventure. I had hoped it would have been a mass event when about 50 said they thought they would come. That was 9 out of the 13 attendees.

I am sure that White River Campground is NO More. They are bringing train loads of mined gravel to buils a surface for rt 107 but maybe no more so whatever homebase feeling I am sure is no more.


The 3rd weekend of September every year now there is the cromag for street and dirt adventure stuff at Silver Lake State Park in Barnard which was like 15 miles from where we camped. They have up to 80 attendees cook out, morning coffee, organized rides etc. so we could have a contingent there maybe a rebel base in 1/4 of mostly Beemweaner Land

Thoughts ???

Cromag vs REAL attendees of a Strom Adventure which would probably move North into New Hampshire, with another discussion about Mt. Washington if a cloudless day
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