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When riding where just a fraction of my attention is demanded by potentially developing hazards, I sometimes practice maneuvers which I imagine may prove very useful someday and which may make a big difference in the outcome if well executed. I think of it as building survival skills. When not needed, each type of these maneuvers is a form of game, and tends to be fun and rewarding (to me, at least) as skill is improved.

This thread, (provided others are willing), is for sharing these games so that we might each adopt some of them from each other.

Here is an example from my collection:

When riding where there is clearly painted fog line to one side of your lane and smooth pavement going under it (to make the lane to "shoulder" transition no rougher than riding over a painted line), practice a quick swerve from the middle or other side of the lane to a position where you closely approach the fog line with a grip end (or whatever sticks out from your bike the most), but do not get anything directly above the line. The line represents a jersey barrier or bridge abutment or whatever else would help produce a disaster if your bike hit it when you execute a swerve to avoid some other object. One skill to be built is to reliably approach swerve-limiting obstacles while getting nearly as much clearance as is available from whatever has suddenly occupied your lane. Winning is getting close (and closer) to the fog line without "hitting" it. Losing is "hitting" it or getting so close you cannot tell whether you hit it or not. A side benefit is learning how much clearance you need to attempt in order to reliably maintain some positive clearance.

I fully appreciate this sort of play might be considered more risky that just barreling down the road. I am not advocating anything reckless here. I also realize this may seem amusing to those whose skills are so well developed that some practice is useless, or too uncool. So let's just take those drawbacks as a given.
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