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Strange Solo Riders

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This might be somewhat long. So here's the short version. I just got back from a 3 day solo ride through Sequoia and Kings Canyon National/State parks. I met three other riders all on different bikes and heard their stories while I was out. It was interesting......especially the guy who was on his way back from Alaska on a Kawasaki Vulcan!!!

The long version.

I'm new to "Adventure Riding" but have been on bikes all my life. It has taken me two years to decide that I wanted to turn my Wee into one...but I've been working on it. I'm still short heated grips, side cases, and an auxilliary outlet. Anyway, this is my fourth trip camping and riding on just the bike.

So, some friends were going camping for a week in their motorhome in the Sequoias. I thought it would be fun to join them on my bike. But, I thought I also would go off solo for a few days if the spirit moved me. Here's what I wanted to take.

TBC (continued)
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Ever camp in national forests? Ever need firewood? Ever wander down a forest road to find a nice quiet spot, sleep through a storm, and awaken to find a big tree limb blocking your only road back out?

Guess not. :biggrinjester:
No, I've never had to do that for a motorcycle. A few tree limbs or even a tree or two seldom create much of an obstacle.

I'm not clear: are you asking for advice, or offering your own? A cable saw, WWII USMC Ka Bar pattern knife, machete or USGI entrenching tool are all smaller, lighter, and have more utility than an axe.
Have you ever seen the size of the trees on the peninsula out here? :yikes:

Trust me, in some places, a single limb on a mountain road can be all it takes to halt any land-based vehicle that isn't carrying a chain saw.//.
And just how long would it take to cut through one of those with an axe? Considering you'd have to make two cuts? If he had a substantial chain saw I could understand that. Have you ever seen a touring motorcycle with either an axe or a chain saw?

I bring a few anchor shackles and some tubular nylon strap so I'd have a better chance of going over it than through it. But I'd be more inclined to call the Cavalry.

Here's the last vehicle I saw with an axe. From the wilds of Rhode Island. Car had OEM wheels and tires - and a snorkel. The drive train is stock Subaru 4 cyl Outback, meaning no locking diffs and no low range. STI Not Found. :yikes: Anyone who wants to carry an axe has probably never cut down a tree with one: it is a highly over rated endeavor. A hatchet I could see.

+1 That trilogy is the best 5 books I've ever read.
My autox number.....
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I think my point is still not getting across, so I'll repeat: I made no comment on the utility of the chosen tool (maybe it's all he had, and sometimes, you use what you have). I was simply offering some perspective for the benefit of those who apparently could not imagine why someone might want something that has a chance of separating wood fibers from each other.
Yes, that was covered back when I noted that you can chop down a good sized tree with a cable saw, WWII Ka Bar, a machete, or a USGI entrenching tool, all of which I have done.

So I guess that point is belabored enough, lets move on to: lances? Just in case...
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