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Stock Bridgestone Battlax Tires up for grabs.

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Ive got a set of the Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 Tires that came on my 2022 650XT. Only have 4k miles and plenty of tread left on them. I swaped them out for knobbier set, so if anyone needs a set let me know. Northern RI/Central MA
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Very cool of you Rich! I would probably message you, as I'm in MA and could use a new set of street biased tires for a planned road trip, but I'm currently laid up with a broken leg, and am not up to driving yet. I don't really need them anyway, so I'm sure someone else needs them more than I do. Those new Pirelli's look good on there!! Good luck with them.
Well Rich. I'm walking again. Not riding yet, but I am driving again. If nobody else needs them, I will swing by and grab them. Still hoping for a good road trip this season. I plan to be back on the bike in a few more weeks. Physical therapy is helping me get movement back in my ankle, so I should be able to shift soon. As I said earlier in the thread, if someone needs them more than me, by all means, let them take them. If nobody else chimes in, let me know. Thanks.
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