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Sticky Brake Lever

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2006 Wee - I've noticed that when I brake, moderately to harder, I can feel at the brake lever a sensation as if the brake lever will incrementally give way and move further in it's travel. The braking power stays the same, but I'm wondering if this is what it feels like when the sliding pins on the calipers start to get worn. Under light braking, I do not feel this binding/release/binding sensation at the brake lever. My brake lever perch lever pin/bolt is not too tight, so I don't think it's binding at the lever pivot.

I'll probably pull the caliper/s and try and examine to see if the pins are galled/worn/etc. If they are, do you all think that new pins are in order, or can I merely sand them down with some emery cloth and use some type of grease [?] on the pins so the pads slide a little better - or is that a bad idea?

Any other potential things I should consider, if it's not indeed the caliper pins?
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Check the brake lever itself. On another bike I have had this same thing. All it was that the brake lever needed the old lubricant on the lever cleaned off and new applied. Easy to check.
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