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If you were near there yesterday, you might have seen these as we all converged for BBQ at the Hard 8 in Stephenville:

Scott (rangoon), Aubrey
Mike (AustinMike), Hutto
Matt (Plybelle), Abilene
Lonny (badcarma), Mesquite
Jack (Reverendbiker), Georgetown
Russ (strom lurker), Lawton, OK
Bill (graubart), Glen Rose
Brad (jbh), Ft. Worth
Graeme (Calgary-Yogi), Houston
Bill (DFW_Warrior), Arlington
Pat (N/R, coupe930 on TWT)
Chuck (Gilk51), Arlington

also ex-Strom owner Kurt (kurt1305, Georgetown) now rides a BWM GS...

would you believe 3 yellow ones? :-D

This was open to V-Strom riders, ex-V-Strom riders/owners, Strommer wanabes, and those that just couldn't stay away... :p
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