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After reading the long thread on the other V-Strom forum for this install and armed with Peter's wiring diagram, I tackled the install today. I don't know how you guys do this in 15 minutes cause it took me a couple of hours.

I decided to remove both side fairing pieces so that meant have to remove the engine guards also. While I had these off I repainted them. I also noticed areas of rust on the light bracket so while I was in there I painted these areas too.

I mounted the horn on the left inside fairing using a hose clamp on the bottom and tie wrap on top. I also glued a piece of foam on the horn so that it was cushioned on the bracket.

I found the stock horn and was able to remove the connectors by hand after removing the sensor from the radiator and pushing the shroud back a little. I pulled the wire back and made the connections on the right side.

I wired the power into the fuse box and ran a ground back also.

The relay was mounted on top of the radiator shroud but I plan on moving this to either the tank or inside fairing using dual-lock. Right now it is on with industrial hook & loop. The photo is out of focus but you should get the general idea.

Everything worked fine on the initial test so I buttoned it all back. Sounds great.

Thanks for all of the help in the first thread.

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