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If I use more than 1 weight...I split them to both sides....but thats jus me.

Many years back...I did have a balance problem with a new tire...& in the process of determining the solution... The local shop contacted the tire distributor (Tucker Rocky) who in turn contacted the tire mfg (I think Bridgestone but not sure). The email response we got from the mfg detailed a common misconception that the dot on the new tire is to be aligned with the wheel valve stem.
Thats not the case. As per the mfg...the dot on the tire is simply a mark indicating the light spot. Most times...the valve stem is the heavy spot of the wheel...but not always. Sometimes the heavy spot is near the valve...sometimes it can be 45-90° from the stem...or even more! That was the case on that FJR front rim. Heavy spot was almost 180° from valve stem!!
After getting that info from the tire mfg..I began to check the balance of the wheel itself before mounting the tire. Only needs to be done once at the first tire change after bike purchase. Jus mark the rim inside for future changes.
Most times I need only 1-2 weight segments (10g). & a few times no weights were needed!
I do agree on the sprocket carrier question...install not needed due to much shorter distance from wheels centerline.

Newer tires from some mfgs like Michelin no longer have the light spot dots....mabe due to a change in the tire moulding process.

One xtra note... One of my past jobs years ago was as an aircraft mechanic of sorts. During those years I was responsible for installing de ice boots on propellors & then static balancing them. The weights had to be mounted near the props centerline on the hub so the balance process was slightly different.
But still very necessary!
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