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Starting quandary

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I have a questions for the great minds on this site.

I have a 2006 with 38,000 miles. It is my daily commuter and runs great. Gets regular oil and maint.

Normally, pull in clutch, hit starter button for a second and it starts right up. But this morning had a little scare. Bike sat for 11 days in the garage while on vacation, its been pretty warm here so garage probably got into the 90s. Pulled bike out this morning, pull in clutch, hit stater and hold it, nothing. It cranked over and over and over and over just fine, but wouldn't start. Let it sit for a few and do it again, and nothing. Did this 3 or 4 times. Finally, hit starter, and it cranks, and gave it full throttle and it slowly started to spin up faster and faster and finally caught, vroooom. No smoke, no gas smell. Its been fine ever since. Rode to work and home for lunch and back again, no issues.

This happened once before back in December when due to a week of rain the bike sat for a week or so.

So does anybody have an theories on why this happens? Sits for a long time and has trouble getting gas into engine.
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Every time I start mine I turn the ignition on and wait for the fuel pump to stop priming the system.

Then I hit the starter, and always in neutral [cold starting with oil thick on the clutch plates loads up he starter motor placing a heavier load on the battery-if the bike has not been run for a while you may need all the battery power available by the time the bike actually starts].

I'm not sure these things relate to your issue but I've not had a problem even when my bike has stood idle next to the house for two weeks.

:headbang: Damn, now Iv'e just jinxed myself and tomorrow I bet my bike won't start even though I rode it only two days ago.
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