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A bad battery will either click the relay when the start button is pressed if it has enough power left or not light the headlights when the ignition is turned on if the battery is really dead.

A good battery with a bad clutch lever switch or its connectors will light the headlights nicely when the ignition is turned on but nothing will happen when the start button is pressed.

In both cases, no CHEC will appear on the display.

If there is a CHEC, it almost always means the kill switch is off, the bike is in gear with the side stand down or the ignition fuse is blown. The fuel pump motor will not run and the starter motor won't spin unless the problem is is in the black/green signal wire. If that wire isn't getting the signal to the display, you will have the only situation where a CHEC will appear but the engine will start.

2005 and later model years will turn off the headlights when the start button is pressed. Failure of the switch that performs that task is by far the most common reason for total headlight failure. Installing headlight relays will head off future headlight problems and provide more light.
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