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(Heck of a first post....)

Hello: I'm considering riding the UCC this summer (Key West to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska) and am looking at used Adventure touring motorcycles for this ride. At this point I've got it down to a GS, GSA, or DL1000. Have not even looked at a DL1000 yet, as they are not as common as the GS's, of which the local BMW dealer has several. (The BMW left me less-than thrilled, and I hope the V-Strom is a better fit for me.)

I'm a V-Twin guy, having completed the Four Corners Tour and a few Iron Butt SS's on my trusty Road King, but it's not something I want to take up and down the Haul Road. But, I'm not sure the GS / A is something I want to ride on for the 5,500 miles of pavement from Key West to the Haul Road, as i found it buzzy on the highway.

To buy a DL1000 I'll have to do a regional or national search, and plan to travel to buy it. But first, I'd like to look one over and take a ride if possible (even as a passanger would provide more knowledge than I have now) to see if the "character" of the V-Strom 1000 is something I could live with for a month on a 12,000 mile round trip.

If there are any St. Louis owners willing to let me look at their DL1000, please contact me through PM. I'm in Chesterfield, but would meet up anywhere in the metro area that works well for you, and I'd be happy to buy your lunch as a thank you.

Thanks in advance.
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