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Sprocket Carrier Bearing

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So I just replaced my rear sprocket carrier bearing with a double sealed version. While I was in there, I replaced the cush drive rubber and installed Richland Rick's Spacer. Once I got the wheel installed, it spins smooth and and quiet but it seems to me that there’s an excessive amount of resistance. If I give the wheel a good spin by hand (no chain or brake caliper installed) I get maybe 2.5 revolutions and the wheel stops abruptly. Seems tight.

The original carrier bearing was dry but no signs of damage and the new one went in with no problems and is fully seated.

I've double checked my spacer arrangement.

Axle nut is torqued to 58 ft. lb.

Axle is aligned by the marks on the swing arm.

Wheel bearings checked out good so I left them alone for now.

I don’t know how tight is too tight but it seems like it spun easier before I made the change. Anything else I should look at?
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Mine is about like that. It doesn't stop abruptly but does stop after a couple turns. It does spin easier w/o the chain in place. I wish there was less rolling resistance on each end of my bike actually. Part of that resistance is the spacers rubbing on the lips of the seals so some racers and speed demons don't use the seals.

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You might try disassembling everything and look for scuff marks. You can even try coating the end surfaces with something like Dykem layout dye or even with felt tip marker, anything that will readily show scuffs and try again. Everything that does not turn should touch only the inner race of the bearings. Everything that does turn should touch only the outer race of the bearings. Also try loosening the axle bolt until the wheel without chain nor brake contact spins very smoothly, then slowly tighten until something touches--look and listen very closely to find that and figure a way to correct it.
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