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I am organizing an informal gathering of sport and sport-touring riders (and anyone else that wants to show) at Dennys Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, PA (just off route 80 near DuBois). Dennys is the home of the worlds largest hamburger, a 123 pound monster. Personally, I'm forming an 8-man team to tackle their "Ye Olde 96'er" a burger with a six pound (96 oz) burger patty.

People will be showing up between 11am and Noon. Expect lunch/service to be a bit slow: we had close to 100 riders last year and expect at least as many this year. The weather looks great. People are traveling from several states for this (on Saturday). Even from as far as Chicago. For a burger!

I plan on riding some of the great roads northeast of Clearfield after lunch (879, Quehanna Hwy, 555, 120, 144).

So, feel free to show up if interested. Dennys is on Woodland Rd, which is almost in sight of the 322/879 junction. Woodland Rd is the first left off 322 west from 879. More info on the event in Region 6 at

More info about Dennys here:
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