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I came across a shop that is relatively new to the GTA. They are a local shop and some of you may be familiar with their track day program called Racer 5 which runs track days and introductory track classes and more advanced classes too.

The shop SpeedworxSuperbike also sell tires and while I have been getting my tires from Pete's Superbike in Montreal for about 10 years now, the prices at Speedworx are only marginally more. Instead of having them shipped like with Pete's, I go and pick them up from Speedworx a day or two after placing the order. While I like to support Pete's because he's in Quebec, has fast shipping and great prices, I'd rather support a store that's even more local if they can be competitive. Speedworx does seem to cater to sport and sport touring tires, so for me buying a Pilot Road 4, this is a welcome change to have a local supplier. They might be able to get other tires if asked. They seem like very nice and easy people to deal with.

Speedworx Superbike Service - Toronto, Markham Motorcycle Repair

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