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My boot keep rubbing the frame and I placed black tape down there and on the triple tree as a key guard. what a mess, then I was going to paint them with a truck bed liner.
Lo' I saw a thread here about SpeedStar's protectors. I emailed Devon [email protected] got the prices sent paypal and he overnighted them to me!
The enclosed instructions were a little scary, fact is it was a simple install and they look great! Like he said, just keep everything wet with the 1/3 rubbing alcohol 2/3 water mixture. I wiped the areas first with 100% alcohol then sprayed the surface and protector front and back, peeled off the back (spraying as I went) and sprayed again and kept spraying till I had them in place.
It took me 20 minutes for both frame, fork and triple tree install, 5 oz. of rubbing achohol and 10 oz. of bottled water (had 1/2 left over).
By the way, the black protectors look great on my silver frame and carbon like on the tree. Wish my daughter hadnt' run off with my camera .. maybe someone else would share their pics.
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