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speedometer help

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The bike is a 2009 DL650A, runs great. The problem is no speedometer/odometer. Last year the speedometer stopped working, the needle swung wildly a bit and then nothing. Since I always have the GPS on board the fix was not a priority. I figured when I pulled the tank for maintenance I'd take a look.
Prior to pulling the tank I split the harness from the wheel to under the tank looking for an open/short. Found nothing.
The interesting thing is when it's raining and cold the speedo will work for a short time and then stop. I thought probably an intermittent open somewhere.
So today I have the side covers and tank removed and took a closer look.
I also have the radiator loose and pulled forward and the R/R loose. I can trace the 3 wires, (black with white trace, pink and orange) up to the connector behind the radiator. It looks fine and the connector is tight. From there it appears to go to the large rubber sleeve covered connector on the L/H side. Once again snug and tight.
My thought is to make up a 3 wire jumper cable and jumper from the front wheel area to the large connector.
I think the test will be to reassemble the bike and ride it.
Any thoughts out there?
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So after searching in VSRI I think I'll pull the large connector under the L/H side of the fairing and give it a close inspection for crud and loose wires.

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Look for discoloration in the connector plastic. Poor connections often develop heat that will cause discoloration. The sure way to check connections is to put an ohmmeter on the wires across each side of the connector.
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