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After being sick of the inaccurate speedometer, I decided I needed to do something about it. The speedohealer is the most popular it seems, but a little pricy for me. I wanted to get the calibrated speedo faces, but the guy who makes them is out of stock and doesn't have plans to make more soon. Found this and the reviews seemed to be good, so I gave it a shot for $70.

Getting in and unplugging the harness is a pain, ended up with some scratches from forcing my hands in to get at it. I didn't feel like pulling the radiator or tank and airbox. Once I actually figured out how the plug latch worked it came pretty easy.

Got it plugged in and cable tied it kinda under the tank on the right side. Set it to -7% error(I think 7.8% is the exact error) and gave it a shot. At 70mph GPS the bike's indicated speed was appx72. I like a little "fudge room" so I purposely didn't go exact, but stock inaccuracy is ridiculous.

I've read the Odometer is only off by about 2.5-3%, so now it will read about 5% low. That doesn't bother me, my calculated MPG will look 5% worse. For those that refill based on odometer, it may be an issue.

I'm happy with it. I don't need any features of the more expensive option.
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