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Spark plug temp

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I'm sort of under-educated on spark plugs. I'm used to just buying the good old Autolites an sticking them in after checking the gap... on cars.
I've read on this forum that lots of folks are going to the NGK CR8EIX iridium plugs. That's what I decided to do. My local shop, which I like to support, if at all possible, only has the CR9EIX, which the guy said is just a slightly "hotter" plug.
Somebody educate me... pros, cons... what are the advantages or reasons for using a hotter plug? or, what possible BAD effects could this have? Should I just go buy the CR8 at the stealership (which I borderline hate), or go with the CR9 from the good guys? I want to do the plug change this weekend, so I need to decide something pretty quick.

This is for my 06 Wee with about 45,000 on it... thanks in advance for all the advice.
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CR9EIX is a colder plug. NGK plugs get colder with higher numbers. Blair of says it's fine. A plug heat range is chosen so the plug tip temperature is hot enough to keep clean but not so hot the tip erodes too fast.

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Are you stuck in the outer reaches of Mongolia or something? Make the goober at the shop order a set of the correct plugs. Or order them yourself.

Or, for about half the money, go to virtually any auto parts store (except Autozone -- they don't carry NGK) and get the plugs. Worst case, you'll have them the next day. I've had the best luck at Advance Auto and Napa.
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