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Spark plug replacement question

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Working on my (new to me) 2007 Wee and changing fluids/general maintenance etc.

As part of the general course of things I figured I'd replace the plugs for good measure. Starting off with all things in order so to speak.

Removed the spark plug wire and found the plug(s) simply had the threaded connector at the top and not the whole part (part that normally screws on to the threaded part).

I looked in the wire connector and there is a small hole that the threaded part goes in to although it does not "thread" into it.

My new plugs come with the top on the plug (which I can remove to have just the threaded part left).

So, pardon my inexperience but, should I simply remove the top of the new plugs and let the threaded part simply be pushed up into the plug wire ? Seems a bit odd to me and I have never seen in like that.

It looks to me like the part inside the plug wire is the top of a plug but stripped out ... I am likely wrong about this but as I said, this looks atypical to me (at least I have never seen it like this) ..

Any one who can tell me the way these are supposed to be ?

Appreciated ...
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OEM is NGK CR8E or DENSO U24ESR-N. Which is a traditional spark plug.

The NGK iridium spark plug for the 650 V-Strom is NGK CR8EIX.

If the plug you have has the fat terminal top, unscrew it. Many vehicles use the plug like that. Make sure you replace all four plugs.

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Ha! I ran into the exact same problem servicing my scooter yesterday. I was replacing the OEM with an iridium. New plug had the fat end, old one had threads. Not clear from service manual pics which was right - bare threads seemed kind of wrong, and it has been a while since i changed them on the Wee. Only other clue was the fat end wouldn't fit into the rubber part of the toolkit spark plug socket.
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