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South side ATL?

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Any south side of ATL riders on here? I'm in PTC and usually try to do an approx 200 mile loop down towards Pine Mtn on the weekends.
The route is PTC>Senoia>Woodbury>Manchester>Chalybeate Springs>Woodland>Manchester>across FDR State Park>Down to Shiloh>Pine Mtn Valley>Pine Mtn>LUNCH>Hamilton>to Salem Rd towards LaGrange>Mountville>Hogansville>Grantville>Moreland>Sharpsburg>PTC is the usual route.
Along with some sight seeing in Pine Mtn (my hometown) we totaled 199 miles. We back tracked the underlined portion above this past Saturday instead of continuing the Mountville >>> portion.
MODS, feel free to move this to another section if necessary. Thanks.
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