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Sorry about the new thread but I've waded through hours of posts and not found what I'm looking for. I recently bought a 06 Vee with a PC3. The PO installed a custom map from the manufacturer. I believe it is designated as M311-007.

The bike had 28k miles, k&n filter, 2 bros cans with P1 tips. I believe the secondaries remain in tact but have not confirmed visually. When I drop the throttle it takes a few seconds for the bike to drop to idle so I believe big brother is there.

The tips are black indication to me I'm a bit rich and my last tank averaged 41.45 mpg.

Now I used to ride a tl1000s and I remember it having quicker spool up in rpm.

I'm looking for a good map I can drop in. My riding is mostly open road I tend to sit about 3500-4000 rpm in 6th but do want to be able to get her moving when needed. I would like to see a bit better MPG but that's not a big deal.

I know I'm new and the information is probably here waiting to be mined but for the life of me I can't find it. Any help would be awesome!!


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