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Soon to be new Wee V Rider in the Georgian Triangle

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Well, purchased a 2005 Wee-V this weekend and am just waiting for the delivery sometime next week. This is my first bike in 8 yrs so am very excited about it arriving. Love the V looks, it's riding position and general design.

Traditionally I was more of a cruiser rider, so this will be a change for me. I look forward to checking out the forum and gaining wisdom from all of you fine folks. Also, if anyone rides up Collingwood way let me know!

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Welcome to the Stromtrooper family Steve! A few of us were up your way this past weekend. Had to ride pretty much past Collingwood to get to and from the flyin at Midland from the Sarnia area. We ride up a couple times a summer to enjoy your hilly, windy roads too.

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Fountain of Youth?

Hi, Steve.

I found the purchase of a Wee-Strom in 2006 to be a very significant event.

Before that purchase, I made one long ride, in 1965.

Since buying the Wee-Strom, I have ridden from Toronto to every province,
and from either Toronto or Sarasota to 38 states. Long rides may not be
your choice of pastime, but you may find them attractive.

The other significant change in my life is because of all the people I have
met because I bought a Wee-Strom. I think that is the bike's best feature.
We are sociable folks, ready to ride almost anywhere and help out a buddy
when the opportunity arises.

You may enjoy your new two-wheeled friend a lot,
and your new two-legged friends a whole lot more.

Best of luck ... well, no, you already have that ... good health to you!
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